About Us

We are a small family run home business dedicated to
bringing you the customer the finest wild Chaga teas,
tinctures, and capsules available. All Inonotus Obliquus
(Chaga) is cleaned and prepared in food grade conditions to
assure quality. We are outdoor lovers and have wild crafted
since the 1970's. A friend told us about Chaga so we started
using it and were soon believers in it. My wife suffered
from Irritable Bowl Syndrome and arthritis and I had
hypertension and arthritis as well. Almost immediately my
wife's IBS began to back off and both of our arthritis
conditions felt better after a little longer time. My
hypertension is so good I no longer need as much
prescription medications.  We are believers in Chaga now
and would like to give others the opportunity to use it and
gain from its beneficial properties if possible. We know our
quality of life has improved since we started using Chaga
and think it is possible for others to do the same. We will
use Chaga for the rest of our lives that is how much we
think it has impacted us! I give you my word and guarantee
of satisfaction or money back (minus shipping costs) no

We hand pick the finest Chaga we can find and take the
utmost care not to injure any trees while collecting Chaga.
We believe in tomorrow and sustain ability so why not take
care of such a precious gift.

No Chaga will ever be bought in as we can not control
conditions other people harvest in or the care they use in
the treatment of Chaga after harvest.

A word of caution is deserved here as bad as I do not want
to say it. There are MANY unscrupulous sellers out there so
be sure to do your homework before buying. You do not
have to buy from us but please be sure to do your
homework before buying. I have seen photo's of people
using rusty claw hammers to remove Chaga from host
trees. I have watched videos with horrible misinformation
about gathering, preparing  and using Chaga. I have looked
at websites where evil sellers prey upon people with cancer
giving them false hope and guilt trips for relatives that
won't purchase Chaga for loved ones!  What a terrible way
to make money. Do your due diligence first before buying
Chaga from anyone. You for sure will be able to purchase
Chaga cheaper than buying from us but you will never get
better quality control or service after the sale.

We are friendly hard working people and want you to be
satisfied with our products. If you have any questions feel
free to email us and we will do our best to help you out.

Sales@ Superior Wild Chaga

Contact Us with any questions before purchasing