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Why is Chaga Mushroom in an Alcohol Extract the
most powerful?
There are 3 clinically proven reasons.
1) Chaga Mushroom has a low solubility and Alcohol is the best at
extracting the naturally occurring constituents.
2) Alcohol acts as a preservative, maintaining longer cell integrity
and ionization.
3) Alcohol acts as a carrier across mucous membranes facilitating
faster absorption into the bloodstream.
What if I am too sensitive for alcohol?
The amount of alcohol consumed for a daily dosage is less than
the natural fermentation of 1 apple or orange digested in the
stomach. Add daily dosage of Chaga Mushroom Extract into any
8 fl.oz – 16 fl.oz “Sports Bottle” filled with, water, juice, tea, etc.
No smell/taste of alcohol at all.
How do I trust the quality of a Chaga supplier?
Any purchase of Chaga Mushroom that sounds too good to be
true might just be that. Always check for handling techniques,
make sure the Chaga is harvested from the wild, and no trees
are injured. Make sure all legal issues are being complied with
such as licensing, inspections, and so forth. Price is
NOT the
only factor to think about.
What do research reports conclude about Chaga
Chaga Mushroom is superior to the rest of about 150 species of
medicinal mushrooms from around the world. Chaga Mushroom
belongs to the group of herbs distinguished as "adaptogens"
that can normalize vital functions inside the body.
How much alcohol am I really taking in a dose of
A very small amount because of the process of blending and
reducing through decoction. Decoction is a way of concentrating
and as a by product the alcohol is reduced significantly.
Once extracted and filtered the herbal liquid is then
concentrated using state of the art techniques and heat.
Superior Wild Chaga Mushroom Extract is crafted using
historically proven methods.
How long does the body take to assimilate the
NANO NUTRIENTS of the Chaga Mushroom and
what about NANO NUTRIENTS?
It happens almost immediately. The longer a nutrient remains on
a rooted plant system, the smaller the molecules become. The
Chaga Mushroom lives in unison with the white/yellow birch
tree and remains bioactive as long as the white/yellow birch
tree is alive. During this 25-50 year period of bioactivity and
growth, the nutrients are broken down smaller and smaller
every day into NANO NUTRIENTS. This low molecular weight is
not possible for fruit, vegetables or other mushrooms that are
commercially harvested in 3-6 months. The natural occurring
NANO NUTRIENTS of Chaga Mushroom allows for 100%
permeability into human cell membranes. These complex,
ionized, supra-molecular nutrients are quickly dissolved back into
their basic chemical components, due to the fact that enzymes
are not required to break them down. Nature has already done
the work over 25-50 years to produce a NANO size molecule
that requires no catalyst for immediate use by the body.
Does Chaga taken in pill form work?
Yes pills are an effective way to use Chaga.
They are a great alternative for people that do not want to
drink Chaga tea or use Chaga tinctures.
Why is Chaga powder so popular?
It is the least expensive way to use Chaga. You get more
surface area exposed which makes for a more efficient way
to utilize Chaga.
Also very easy to make tea with or ad to your morning
coffee. Can be used in cooking or for making smoothies as
Chaga Side Effects

Considering the mass listing of side effects on most medications,
you will be pleasantly surprised when you look into Chaga side
effects, as they are practically non-existent. Like most holistic
remedies, the mushroom poses very little threat to the human body
and rarely causes problems for those who utilize the Chaga
mushroom for medicinal purposes. Please do your own research
before purchasing Chaga.


One of the Chaga side effects specifically relates to taking other
medications. The Chaga mushroom may magnify the effects of
anticoagulants. This puts you at risk for bleeding. If you are taking
anticoagulant medications such as aspirin or warfarin you might
make your clotting factor even lower than intended.

This happens because the mushroom contains a combination of
triterpenes, which tend to include sterols. These sterols are often
what make anticoagulants work, making anticoagulation a Chaga
side effect. Because of the doubling up of the sterols, it is like you
are taking extra doses of your prescribed medication. You should
consult your doctor if you are on such a regimen prior to consuming
the Chaga mushroom. You also need to list the Chaga mushroom
as one of your medications if you have been taking it in any form
and you plan to go into surgery.


Another Chaga side effect also directly relates to Western
medications. The mushroom is known to interact with diabetes
medications, specifically insulin. This increases your risk for low
blood sugar, otherwise known as hypoglycemia. If you find yourself
having a hypoglycemic attack you can experience shakiness,
confusion, weakness and a general feeling of anxiousness. If you
wish to take the Chaga mushroom but you are diabetic you should
consult your physician about this particular Chaga side effect.

All in all, the Chaga side effects are so limited they are hardly
worth mentioning. Like all holistic remedies, you should start slowly
to see how your body reacts to the fungus. As with any food
substance, you might have an allergy someone else does not have.
You could react differently than others who have used the Chaga
mushroom successfully. As long as you work in moderation you
should have no trouble with the Chaga mushroom. Only you can
know how a substance makes you feel, so try to stick with your
normal routine when introducing something new to your system.
This will help you determine if the mushroom is causing side
effects specifically for you.
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