Using your Chaga  properly
When making Chaga tea never let your water get
hotter than 180 degrees f. The problem with boiling
is that, according to Cass Ingram, the medicinal
components of chaga include not only
polysaccharides but proteins, sterols, SOD, and
enzymes including catalase, peroxidase, RNAase,
and DNAase, all of which are damaged or destroyed
by temperatures above 180ºF.

I constantly see Internet experts claiming you
should boil your Chaga water but the "real"
experts are trained knowledgeable people and that
is who I prefer to take advice from.

In that case, it's important, not to boil Chaga.
Instead, use ground Chaga and either steep or
simmer it in not warm, not boiling, but hot water --
in a crock pot, for instance. With the lid off, mine
keeps the temperature steady at 160ºF.

Chaga is a tonic, a "nutraceutical" food like garlic,
so it has no strict dosage. Most sources recommend
1 gram a day (about 1 powdered teaspoon) for
maintenance, 2-3 grams per day for treating a
condition. You can surely drink a lot more than that.
Still, too much of anything is not good for you. As
with all mushrooms start out with a lower dosage
and build up slowly.

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